Folkestone, Kent


Get your Festival Pass

This year’s festival has a range of options available to suit all requirements and budgets.

The core festival is a residential weekend experience at Folkestone’s prestigious Clifton Hotel, however, non-residential tickets are available for those who live locally or would prefer to organise their own accommodation separately.

In addition, joint/couple residential passes, non-participant partner passes and tickets to individual workshops and events are available.

Please have a look at the options available to you, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Solo Residential Festival Pass

Access to all festival events, including two nights accommodation (Fri/Sat), bed and breakfast.


If you prefer, you can spread the cost via ClearPay, just select the option during checkout.

Additional Passes

Joint Residential Festival Pass

Full access for two persons, including double occupancy room.

£960.00 (for 2 persons)

Residential Non-Participant Partner

For partners/friends of participating attendees.


Non-Residential Full Festival Pass

For participants who would prefer to find their own accommodation.


Workshops & Concerts only (Sat & Sun)

Access to the core workshops (Kris & Findlay) + evening gigs.


Individual Events

Student Guest (Reception Only)

Bring a guest to Friday’s reception meal & gig.


Vocal Harmonies Workshop

Access to Friday’s Vocal Harmonies workshop.


Slide Guitar Workshop

Access to Friday’s Vocal Slide Guitar workshop.


Songwriters in The Round

Access to Saturday’s evening concert.


Kris Drever Closing Gig

Access to Sunday’s closing concert.



Folkestone Songwriting Festival Scholarships are funds that have been donated/sponsored by individuals or organisations. They are designed to assist those who would otherwise find it difficult to attend due to financial, physical or social disadvantage.

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